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Surgery is a technique used by doctors to diagnose or cure health problems by altering body tissues. And general surgery is a type of surgery performed by doctors(known as General surgeons) who are not specialized in any specific area of the body. Sometimes, we may need surgery(which may not need surgeons who have qualifications in a specific field ) of general nature or perform any kind of tests or normal diagnosis. For that, the general surgeon is used. In this article, you will learn who is a general surgeon, areas they have knowledge in, and reasons to see them.

Who is a general surgeon?

A general surgeon is a person who does not specialize in any specific area of the body but, has general knowledge of the working of the body. General surgeons are trained to provide whole care for patients. They are responsible for tests, diagnosis as well as service after conducting surgery. Generally, all surgeons are first trained to be general surgeons. After a period of time, they are able to specialize in any specific area.

Meet Our General Surgeon

Dr Pawan Bhatt, best general surgeon in Nepal

Dr. Pawan Singh Bhat, MS

Doctor’s Schedule:
Sun – Fri: 8 am

Dr. Tseten Yonjen Tamang best surgeon in nepal

Dr. Tseten Yonjen Tamang, MS

Doctor’s Schedule at Clinic One:
 Sun – Fri: 1 pm

Areas understood by the General surgeon

General surgeons have knowledge of a wide variety which makes them very effective in normal medical treatments. Some of the areas understood by the general surgeon are given below

  • Digestive system or tract
  • Endocrine system
  • Alimentary tract
  • Breast
  • Skin and soft tissue
  • Head and neck
  • Heart and blood vessels

When to see a general surgeon?

Patients may need to see a general surgeon due to any reason. Some of them are explained below

1. Recommendation of doctor

Sometimes, doctors may recommend curing disease through surgical methods if the non-surgical method of treatment does not work.

2. In case of emergency situation

General surgeons have knowledge of a wide variety which is very essential in case of any emergencies(such as gunshot wounds, stab wounds, cut, etc.).

3. In case of elective procedure

Sometimes, patients and doctor may schedule a specific procedure which needs surgery. In case of such a situation, a general surgeon may be used to conduct such a procedure.

What questions to ask a general surgeon?

Many surgeries are performed throughout Nepal every year. So, it is important to have some general knowledge of surgery before conducting such surgery. Questions that should be asked to general, as well as any surgeon, are given below:

  • Why the need for surgery? Is it possible to cure without the need for surgery?
  • What do you need to do before conducting such surgery?
  • What are long term, if any, or short-term benefits of surgery?
  • What are the chances of failure/complication?
  • What are the consequences of not performing surgery?
  • What is the experience of the general surgeon?

How to book an appointment with a General Surgeon at Clinic One Kathmandu?

You can book via a call, email, or through our social media and our customer service will confirm your convenience with our doctor’s schedule.

Email: [email protected]
Contact no: 9863393960 | 9801109235 | 015400400 | 015440000
or, Request an appointment below.

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