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Many women and sometimes men around the world suffer from breast-related diseases. To cure and better take care of such women/men, we have introduced the Breast Oncosurgery department at Clinic One Kathmandu.

What is breast oncosurgery?

Breast oncosurgery is a type of surgery done for breast-related diseases or cancer(It includes minimally intrusive techniques such as nipple and skin-sparing mastectomies as well as non-minimal techniques). 

Who is a breast oncosurgeon?

A breast oncosurgeon is a person who has qualifications as well as experience in conducting such surgery. Breast Oncosurgeon performs breast biopsy, lumpectomy, mastectomy, breast reconstruction, and other procedures to treat many breast conditions, including breast cancer in both men and women. 

So if you are looking for or don’t know if you need to see a breast oncosurgeon, this article will provide you with information for making such a decision.  And why Clinic One is one of the best options.

Meet Our Breast Oncosurgeon

Dr. Banira Karki - beat Breast Cancer Surgeon in nepal

Dr. Banira Karki, Fellowship in Breast Oncosurgery

Doctor’s Schedule:
Sun, Tue & Thu: 2 pm to 3 pm

Why you get breast-related cancer?

Normally, women get breast-related cancer due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Hereditary i.e. If your family member has it, there is a high chance of you getting it too(for men too).
  • Elders,
  • Earlier age when you have your period but, generally, this types goes away,
  • Becoming pregnant at an older age,
  • Having breast cancer in past,
  • Obesity(for men and women both),
  • Not enough exercise,
  • Coming in contact with radiation,
  • Using hormone replacement therapy,
  • Sometimes due to genetic mutation, etc.

Different stages of breast cancer

The stages of breast cancer depend upon the size and location of the tumor, and whether cancer cells are found in another part of the body. Stages of cancer include from 0 to IV. 0 being least dangerous whereas IV being most dangerous. Briefly,

  • Stage 0: The cancer is generally diagnosed early. Especially found in the milk gland and stayed there.
  • Stage I: The cancer is generally invasive. And free to move to another part.
  • Stage II: Cancer has grown, spread, or both.
  • Stage III: Cancer has not grown to bones or organs. It is still considered an advance and harder to fight.
  • Stage IV: Cancer has spread from the breast area to other organs.

When to see a breast oncosurgeon?

Breast cancer may not have early signs but, if you have or feel any or all of the following symptoms, go see a breast oncosurgeon immediately:

  • If you feel or see lumps or hard area in the breast or armpit,
  • If you see a change in the size or shape of the breast from before,
  • Discharge of fluid from nipples or the nipple turning inward,
  • Nipples getting red or occurrence of scaling in the breast area,
  • If you feel itchiness or irritation in the breast, etc.


Surgery or radiation is used for cancer that has not spread far enough(also known as local). Chemotherapy and hormone treatment is used for more advanced cancer(also known as systemic).

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