Breast Cancer in Men

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Most of us know that breast cancer primarily impacts women; however, it is not commonly known that it can also affect men. Unfortunately, there is no specific cause for breast cancer, making prevention difficult.

Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of the risk factors and symptoms associated with breast cancer. Early detection remains the best available option to prevent and effectively treat breast cancer in men.

Male Breast Cancer

Male breast cancer is an abnormal growth of cells in the breast tissue of males. Although males don’t have breasts with glands like females, they still have some breast cells and tissues.

The cells sometimes undergo unusual changes, resulting in tumors. Although all lumps found in the breasts are not cancerous, it is always the right choice to get a breast screening test. 

Types of Breast Cancer in Male 

Basically, there are 3 main types of breast cancer in males.

  1. One that develops in the breast ducts and spreads to the rest of the breast. This type of breast cancer is most common in men. 
  2. One that develops in the lining of the breast ducts. Cancer doesn’t get spread in this type. 
  3. One that develops in the lobules. This type of cancer can spread to all your body parts.  

Risk Factors of Breast Cancer in Men

  • Family History 
  • Gene Mutations 
  • Prolonged high estrogen level
  • Having some testicular disorders
  • Have had any radiation therapy directly into the chest or torso. 
  • Klinefelter’s syndrome (XXY instead of XY) is a rare disorder in which men have two X chromosomes and one Y chromosome.
  • Being overweight 
  • Excessive alcohol consumption 
  • Being physically inactive. 

Symptoms of Breast Cancer in Men

The symptoms of male breast cancer are very similar to those of female breast cancer. They include:

  • Presence of breast lump
  • Change in the breast shape, such as dimpling, shrinking, or enlargement. 
  • Any form of discharge from nipples.
  • Red, dry, or flaky skin near the nipple area. 
  • Pain and tenderness around your chest, breast, or arms. 
  • Swollen lymph nodes.


There are a few ways to diagnose breast cancer in males. It includes procedures the same as for females.  

How to perform a Breast self-examination in Men?

There are a series of steps to perform a breast self-examination for men at home. 

  1. Look in the mirror. 
  2. Raise your hand and rest it on the back of your head. 
  3. Check both breasts, one at a time. 
  4. Press the area of the breast firmly clockwise and anticlockwise, using the right fingers for the left breast and the left fingers for the right breast. 
  5. Start from the edge of the breast towards the nipple. 
  6. Squeeze your nipples gently to look for any noticeable discharge. 
  7. Look closely for any changes in shape, appearance, size, or texture. 
  8. Repeat these steps once or twice a month to stay aware of any changes. 

It is advisable to seek advice from a healthcare provider promptly if any changes in the breast are noticed.

Watch the video about breast self-examination in women!


The treatment of breast cancer depends on the stage of breast cancer. 

  1. The surgical removal of the breast is one of the most effective treatment options for breast cancer. It is performed in two ways: Lymph nodes are first sampled if no cancer signs are observed through imaging. If cancer cells are detected in the sample test, the axillary lymph nodes are dissected. 
  2. After surgery, radiation therapy is recommended to kill any cancerous cells present. 
  3. Chemotherapy 
  4. Hormone Therapy 
  5. Targeted therapy for certain types of breast cancer. 


It’s important to raise awareness that breast cancer can affect males too, just like females. By having the right knowledge, men can also take steps towards self-examination.

Taking preventive measures can lead to better outcomes when it comes to breast cancer in men. Males must be informed about breast issues so they can be aware of any potential risks associated. 


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