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Maxim De Zitter

Super clean, very friendly and helpful staff. Constructive and intelligent physicians. Not after your money like in many hospitals. Highly recommended.

Shristi Shahi

I used the services of Clinic One for PCR and Antibody test. Great professionals, swift examination and the process to view lab reports are way easier. I will definitely use the services from Clinic One in future.

Sanjay Dubey

I received some consultation from one the clinic one doctors & I was impressed with the amount of time, he spent asking me questions to assess my situation. Setting up an appointment was also an easy & prompt business .

Clinic One review from expats,

Kendyl Cadell

This place is clean, efficient, and affordable. They also have a blood lab and pharmacy in the same facility— super convenient. Note: I’m an Expat, so a few people told me to go to CIWEC but an appt there would have been $90.At C1, the appt and medication cost me about $10 and it all went super smoothly.

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