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Cardiologist in Kathmandu

Who is a Cardiologist?

Cardiology is a branch of internal medicine that deals with cardiovascular diseases (diseases and abnormalities related to heart and blood vessels).
A Cardiologist is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Heart diseases can affect individuals of any age-group, but it is most prominent in old adults. Various factors like genetic factors, sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet play a significant role in increasing the risk of heart problems.

The Cardiology department at Clinic One consists of highly experienced doctors, senior consultants and trained medical professionals of Nepal. Our lab is well- equipped with latest equipment. Our team of experts focuses on optimal patient care, coordinated appointment schedule, and prompt test results.

Our Cardiologists

Dr. Sheelendra Shakya Cardiologist in kathmandu Nepal

Dr. Sheelendra Shakya

MD (Cardiology)
Schedule: Sun to Fri (10 pm onwards)

Dr. Sanjeev Thapa, MD (Internal Medicine (BPKIHS)), DM (Cardiology (IOM, TU))

Dr. Sanjeev Thapa

MD (Internal Medicine (BPKIHS)),
DM (Cardiology (IOM, TU))

When should you visit a Cardiologist?

You should see a cardiologist in the following cases:

  1. Symptoms including sharp chest pain, dizziness, high blood pressure, shortness of breath and change in heart rhythm
  2. If you are a chain smoker
  3. Family history of heart disease
  4. High/uncontrolled cholesterol
  5. Diabetic patients
  6. Previously had a heart attack/failure or other heart-related problems

What Cardiology tests and services are available at Clinic One Kathmandu?

We have the following list of tests and services available:

  1. OPD Consultation
  2. Electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG)
  3. Echocardiography (ECHO)
  4. Holter Monitoring

How to book an appointment at Clinic One?

It is very easy to make an appointment at Clinic One. You can book via a call, email or through our social media and our customer service will confirm your convenience with our doctor’s schedule.

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