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Healthcare Information for Kathmandu Nepal

dysentry treatment, causes and prevention in kathmandu nepal

Dysentery: Causes Symptoms and Treatment

Dysentery is an inflammatory disease of the intestine especially of the colon or it is also known as diarrhea with […]

Typhoid Fever treatment in nepal

Typhoid Fever: Causes Symptoms and Treatment

Typhoid is a bacterial infection caused by a bacteria named Salmonella enterica typhi . The bacteria is transmitted through the contaminated […]

Endocrinology Department | Clinic One

Who is an Endocrinologist? Endocrinology is the field of medicine that studies the endocrine system and its disorders. The endocrine system is the […]

covid-19 related mental health in kathmandu nepal

COVID-19, Lockdown and Its Impacts on Mental Health

COVID -19 pandemic has severely affected the socio-economic and mental health status of people around the globe due to lockdown […]

COVID-19 vaccine

Moderna’s COVID – 19 Candidate Vaccine Showed Positive Results | Estimated Public Access in January

Moderna’s COVID – 19 candidate vaccine (mRNA Vaccine or mRNA-1273) against the Novel Corona Virus (SARS-CoV-2) generated positive results on […]

dengue in Nepal

Dengue in Nepal: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention, and Treatment

Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral disease prevalent in more than 100 countries globally. It is primarily spread by female species […]

COVID – 19 Awareness Quiz

How much do you know about Coronavirus? Take this COVID – 19 Quiz and find out now!! … COVID – […]

Increasing Stress And Anxiety During The Lockdown

It has been 45 days since lockdown began in Nepal. The pandemic has kept some of us locked within the […]

Plasma Therapy for COVID-19 or Antivirals

Way Out Of This COVID-19 Pandemic: Plasma Therapy, Or Current Antivirals?

Plasma Therapy  Amid the chaos and turmoil caused by Coronavirus throughout the world resulting in a global lockdown, it’s reasonable […]


FNAC stands for fine-needle aspiration cytology. This technique uses a fine hollow needle to collect samples from an organ or a tissue. […]

Thyroid Gland Ultrasound

Thyroid gland ultrasound is an imaging procedure that produces images of the thyroid gland. A thyroid gland is an organ that produces […]

Psychiatry Department | Clinic One Kathmandu

At Clinic One, we have one of the best Neuro Psychiatrist in Nepal catering to our patients’ psychological and emotional […]

Diet and Nutrition Department | Clinic One Kathmandu

Who is a Dietician? A dietician is a health professional who helps to treat and diagnose problems related to diet and nutrition. […]

General Physician Department | Clinic One Kathmandu

Who is a General Physician? General Physician (GP) is a medical professional who provides a wide range of services to patients. […]

Anomaly Ultrasound | Clinic One Kathmandu

Anomaly ultrasound is also known as a mid-pregnancy ultrasound. It is a scan that is usually carried at 20-24 weeks of […]

Scrotum/Testicular Ultrasound | Clinic One Kathmandu

The scrotum is a body part in males that looks like a sac of skin. Scrotum and penis are the two external […]

COVID-19 vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine: Recent Technologies and Approaches

COVID-19 Vaccine How does a vaccine work? First, we have to understand how our body works when a foreign organism […]

jaundice causes and treatment in kathmandu nepal

Jaundice: Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors, and Treatment

What is Jaundice? Jaundice is a condition seen in human being in which the skin, sclera (white of the eyes), […]

Skin Problems in Summer | How To Prevent Them

As summer arrives with the brighter sun, longer days and fun vacations, it also brings many skin problems simultaneously. Here […]

How long will the lockdown in Nepal continue?

By Ronisha Shrestha04/06/2020 Even during this crisis, Clinic One is open from 8:00 am to 11:00 am for Vaccinations and […]

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