Healthy ways of losing weight

Posted on : August 20, 2021 by Clinic One Team on Balanced Weight

We all love being slim and healthy but, not all of us are slim and thin.

Being slim and thin not only helps in having a healthy body, but it also helps us in being perceived as healthy individuals.

But, you should know, losing weight healthily is a slow and long-term process.

There are fast ways of losing weight but none of them are healthy. Losing 0.5 – 1 kg of weight per week is most healthy(as per CDC).

Though it can be overwhelming at first, you can achieve it by tweaking your lifestyle here and there.   

1. Not missing breakfast

Though it may be seen as counterintuitive, eating breakfast makes you lose weight.

Let us elaborate on that. When you do not eat breakfast, you are most likely to get hungry and more likely to eat more at lunch, which increases your calories intake.

Eating breakfast boosts your health and also provides energy for the morning. That makes you more likely to eat less at lunch. So, eating breakfast can help you cut your weight healthily.

It is important to note that what you eat at breakfast also influences the above-mentioned factors.

Eating a healthy breakfast, like egg, green sandwiches, etc., is better than eating coffees, or sugar-intensive drinks.

In short, you should have control over what you eat and your appetite while eating breakfast.

2. Not eating carbohydrates

Not eating carbohydrates does not necessarily mean not eating any carbohydrates.

It just means cutting carbohydrates by an amount that is above your daily calorie intake level. Your daily calorie intake determines the number of carbohydrates that you should eat daily. 

Cutting down carbohydrates helps in bringing down your hunger therefore you will eat less.

Eating more protein, healthy fat, and vegetables instead of carbohydrates can be beneficial.

It is important to note that your body needs carbohydrates to function daily.

You should cut carbohydrates that don’t meet your calories intake goal.

To set such a goal, you should consider consulting a doctor/trainer/dietician for proper guidelines(But, you can also find a calorie intake calculator on google).

It is also important to note that you should set the calorie goal that will help you achieve in the long term not in the short term i.e. not cutting down large amounts of carbohydrates but cutting down at an amount that is prescribed by your doctor.

3. Consuming more protein, fruits, and vegetables

Consuming more protein, fruits, and vegetables rich foods while losing weight helps in maintaining/preserving muscle mass i.e. you will gain muscle while losing fat.

It doesn’t mean you should eat large amounts of protein, and vegetables, it simply means eating more protein, and vegetables by cutting down carbohydrates.  

It is important that you consult your doctor/trainer/dietician to find an amount that is best for you.

But, generally consuming 56 – 91 grams of protein per day for males and 46 – 75 grams per day for females is considered to be normal.

4. Don’t eat fast foods(junk foods)

Most junk foods are high in fat and carbohydrates.

While losing weight, consuming fat is not ideal. Many junk foods are made by deep-frying which increases the amount of fat in them. 

You also should not drink soda and beverages that are high in sugar and fat.

Those beverages contain more sugar than any beneficial factors.

Instead of beverages, you should consume more fruits, vegetable juices that are low in calories, or simply water.

5. Quit drinking

Many studies have shown that cutting drinking helps in losing weight.

You may not know this but, alcohol is high in calories.

Drinking alcohol on weekdays or once a month is best for you. Consumption of less alcohol also helps in improving your metabolism, which helps in burning fat.

It is important to note that you should consult your doctor before taking any action, though cutting down on alcohol helps in improving many other health issues if not weight loss.

6. Exercise

Exercise has many health merits. It not only helps in maintaining good psychological health, but it also helps in making you physically fit.

Though you can lose weight without exercise, exercising helps in maintaining a good mood, fast and strong metabolism. It also helps in burning fat and calories by maintaining muscle.

You can walk/move more, go cycling, swimming, etc.

But, It is important that you consult your doctor/trainer/dietician to find what kind of exercise can be beneficial to you.

It is important that you understand, weight loss should be seen as a journey rather than a quick fix.

By following healthy weight loss tools/techniques, you will learn new eating and physical activities that will help you in having a healthier lifestyle. In the long run, by changing your lifestyles, you will be able to maintain your “ideal” body weight without much effort/problems.

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