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Posted on : July 7, 2020 by Clinic One Team on Medical Certificates

At Clinic One Kathmandu, you can get your “Fit To Work” certificate according to your own specific need or we can create a special set of tests just for you.

You can bring in your own medical requirement as per your organization’s policy and regulation or you can also consult with our medical doctor and take the necessary tests as recommended.

“Fitness To Work” or “Fit To Work” is a medical assessment that ensures an employee is healthy and can safely perform a specific job or task.

The purpose of this test is to make sure an employee can work under given circumstances and working environment.

“Fit To Work” is generally done to determine the medical fitness of an employee after an illness or injury.
Other times it is done when employment has been offered, as requested by the employer, or as a condition of a job transfer. 

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What is the “Fit To Work” certificate?

These certificates are also known as sick notes.
“Fit To Work” certificate is an official written statement handed by the doctor giving all the medical data and information related to the employee’s health.

This information helps to make a recommendation for how the employer can support his employees and whether it is safe for the employee to safely commence or continue his work.

How is the “Fit To Work” assessment done?

During the “Fit To Work” assessment at Clinic One, our medical doctor will determine if an individual is able to do that particular job.

The medical doctor checks certain things like physical and mental abilities, sensory acuity, level of skill, and functional limitations.

Then, the medical doctor will provide a report that contains medical stability of the employee.

At Clinic One, the “Fit To Work” assessment is performed under two conditions:

1. When your company has its own set of requirements.

  • Firstly, if your company requires any specific test or investigation then the test will be conducted at Clinic One accordingly. 
  • After the test is performed, the reports are collected and we’ll schedule your appointment with our medical doctor.
  • Lastly, our medical doctor will give you a brief understanding of your health and whether or not you are fit to work under the given working conditions at your company.

2. When your company does not have its own set of requirements.

  • First, our nurse will measure and record your vitals. These includes:
    • Height
    • Weight
    • Blood Pressure
  • Secondly, we’ll schedule your appointment with our medical doctor.
  • After the consultation, our medical doctor will determine if you require to perform any further tests or if you are “Fit to Work”.
  • You will need to take the tests if the doctor has suggested any.
  • After the test, the reports will be collected and reported to the doctor.
  • According to your report, the doctor will determine if you are
    • Fit 
    • Unfit 
    • Fit subject to work modifications

A “Fit to Work” medical certificate will be then issued to you with our doctor‘s signature.

Why do you need a “Fit To Work” assessment?

An organization or an employer is allowed to ask for information from the medical doctors to ensure that the employee is able to work safely and his or her health condition does not pose any hazard or harm to themselves or others.

Nowadays, almost every organizations / companies in Nepal requires a “Fit to Work” certificate, especially in Kathmandu.

A”Fit To Work” assessment is performed to check whether

  • The employee’s health condition may affect him or her to perform his or her job effectively. 
  • The employee’s health condition may be made worse by the job. 
  • The employee may face a hazardous situation that may harm them and make the work environment unsafe. 
  • The employee’s condition may make it unsafe for him or her and as well as for the other employees around them.
  • The employee may cause a risk to the community if he or she has transferable infections. 

When is an “Fit To Work” assessment needed?

Assessment may be needed for various reasons like :

  • Depending on the type of job and being recruited for the first time. 
  • Depending on work exposures being transfer to a new job. 
  • An employee returning to work after significant or prolonged injury or illness. 
  • An employee being reviewed for possible retirement depending on his or her ill-health. 

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