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Corona Virus in Nepal | 03/08/2020

What’s the status of the Corona Virus in Nepal?

As of today, there has been only one confirmed case of Coronavirus COVID-19 in Nepal on 23rd Jan 2020.
He was a 32-year-old male Ph.D. student who returned to Nepal from Wuhan, China on 9th Jan 2020. He visited Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital, Kathmandu with a cough & mild breathing difficulties, on 13th Jan 2020. His throat swab was taken and sent for confirmatory diagnosis to WHO designated laboratory in Hongkong which tested positive for 2019-nCoV. His positive test result was communicated with NPHL (Nepal Public Health Laboratory) on 23rd January 2020.

Fortunately, the infection was mild and no cases of transmission to others were reported. His throat swab tested negative for 2019-nCoV on Jan 31st, 2020.

3 other suspected cases were also under evaluation and all tested negative by NPHL (National Public Health Laboratory) on 28th Jan 2020.

See situation Reports 1 & 2 from MOHP for more info.

What is the status of the quarantined Nepalese nationals evacuated from Wuhan, China?

All 175 Nepalese were released on March 2, 2020, after 16 days of quarantine. All of them showed negative results in the final 2019-nCoV test.

The evacuation team from Nepal took off to Hubei from Kathmandu on 15th February 2020, to bring back 185 Nepalese from China. Only 175 arrived the next day as 6 of them already showed symptoms and the remaining 4 chose to stay there. They were then taken to the quarantine facility at NEA (Nepal Electricity Authority) in Bhaktapur where they stayed under constant health surveillance for 16 days.
All the members of the evacuation team were also quarantined and released after the successful completion of their quarantine period.

See situation Report 29 for more updates.

What are the actions taken by the Nepal Government against the Corona Virus epidemic?

The following information is derived from the situation updates provided by the Health Emergency and Disaster Management Unit of MOHP (Ministry of Health and Population) Nepal. You can directly access all the situation reports in your google drive via the official website of MOHP.

Key National Response from MOHP as of Tuesday | 13 Magh 2076 (28 January 2020)

  1. All hub hospitals and key satellite hospitals have been asked to identify a dedicated space with isolation facilities for 2019-nCoV case
  2. Technical documents tailored for the Ministry of Health and Population for the investigation and containment of 2019-nCoV
  3. Thermal scanner installed and functional at Tribhuvan International Airport
  4. NPHL capacitated for laboratory confirmatory diagnosis of 2019-nCoV from 27 January 2020
  5. Dedicated ambulance available at Tribhuvan
  6. International Airport for 2019-nCoV for the safe transfer of cases to designated hospitals
  7. Personal Protective Equipment is prepositioned in different places
  8. IEC materials are developed and disseminated in close coordination
  9. Prime Minister’s Office and Ministry of Home Affairs debriefed regularly
  10. Key hospitals in Kathmandu capacitated on the collection and safe transfer of laboratory samples to the National Public Health Laboratory for laboratory confirmatory diagnosis
  11. Video conference with Provincial Health Emergency Operation Center undertaken for verification of readiness status; appropriate guidance provided for immediate actions

Key response and preparedness from Government |16th February 2020

  1. The Health Desk at the Point of Entry (PoE), at cross borders with China and India, has been strengthened and monitored regularly.
  2. Screening at TIA: Travellers coming from or via China and Thailand are being individually scanned for monitoring body temperature. People reporting fever, cough, or shortness of breath are further investigated, treated, counseled, and monitored on a regular basis.
  3. Shukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital, Patan Hospital, and other hospitals including Armed Police Hospital have been prepared to manage any emergency in the context of COVID-19.
  4. The duty roster for HEOC staff has been developed. HEOC has been coordinating with line ministries and other stakeholders for the necessary management. Ministry of Health and Population, Provincial Health Office, and Nepal Red Cross Society have initiated awareness-raising campaigns in the local communities and 50 local volunteers and health workers have been trained for this purpose.
  5. Hotline Service: Public concerns regarding COVID-19 are being addressed through 3 hotlines (9851255839, 9851255837, 9851255834) from 8:00 to 20:00 hrs.
  6. The common concerns are signs and symptoms of COVID-19, precautions to be taken, precaution to be taken during travel and the appropriate place to go for medical consultations.

Provincial Updates:

Health desks are operational at the mainland borders crossing with China, and India, and at Airports; Hospitals have prepared the Hospital Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan and isolation facilities.

International Travel Notice for COVID-19 | 3rd March 2020

  1. Unless very urgent Nepalese citizens are requested not to travel to highly affected countries (China, Republic of Korea, Iran, Italy, and Japan) by COVID-19.
  2. International travelers coming from highly affected countries (China, Republic of Korea, Iran, Italy, and Japan) or coming in transit via highly affected countries are requested to provide a COVID-19 free certificate at TIA immigration.
  3. A health desk will be established per international standards at main checkpoints (Pashupatinagar, Kakarbhitta, Jogbani, Jayanagar, Raksual, Sunauli, Jamunaha, and Gaddachauki) with India and Indian citizens ground crossing through those main checkpoints will be screened for COVID-19.
  4. Until further notice, the third-country national traveling to Nepal by ground crossing shall travel only through Kakarbhitta, Jogbani, Raksual, Sunauli, Jamunaha, and Gaddachauki checkpoints, and their Visa will be issued only after screening for COVID-19.
  5. Nepalese citizens traveling from or through COVID-19 high-risk and affected countries should go under home quarantine for 14 days.
  6. All promotional activities related to the Visit Nepal 2020 planned at the international level have been postponed until further notice.
  7. Sagarmatha Sambad (Global Dialogue Forum) planned to be organized by Nepal in April 2020 has been postponed. Similarly, other international meetings and conferences scheduled to be organized by Nepal have been postponed.
  8. Private and non-government organizations have been requested to postpone any international meetings scheduled to be organized in Nepal.
  9. On Arrival Visa for travelers coming from COVID-19 highly affected countries (China, South Korea, Iran, Italy, and Japan) will be suspended from 10 March 2020 till the next notice. Travelers from these countries are requested to get a visa through Nepali Missions abroad after completing the needful process.

More resources
We advise you to only intake news and situation reports from authentic sites like

  • MOHP Nepal
    Nepal government has been providing situation reports on COVID-19 since 13 Magh 2076 (28 January 2020).
    Access the Situation Reports #1 to #38 from HEOC (Health Emergency Operation Center) Nepal from the link below.
    Situation Report 1 – 38: HOEC

  • WHO
    Access the Situation Reports #1 to #45 from the link below.
    Situation Report 1 – 45: WHO

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