11 Foods To Avoid If You Have Diabetes

Posted on : June 9, 2021 by Clinic One Team on Diabetes

Diabetes is a type of disease that is caused due to the presence of sugar in blood higher than normal levels. If it is not controlled, there can be dire consequences and health complications.

If you have diabetes, it is essential to control what food you should and should not consume.

Eating a healthy diet i.e foods that do not increase your blood sugar level or foods that do not hamper your immune system, can improve your diabetes condition.

Therefore, it is important to know what food to eat and what not to eat. This article will provide you with foods that you should avoid if you have diabetes.

1. Beverages sweetened with sugar 

sugar with beverages diabetes

Artificially sweetened beverages are one of the worst foods that a person with diabetes can intake.

These type of drinks has a high level of added sugar. If you have diabetes, eating food with such drinks are not ideal for you.

Therefore, you should avoid sweetened beverages as much as possible. Examples of beverages sweetened with sugar include but are not limited to:

  • Regular Soda/Pop, fruit punches, sweetened waters, etc.
  • Speciality Coffees: Frappuccinos or Cappuccinos, Macchiato, etc.

2. Whole milk

whole milk with Fat to avoid during diabetes

Whole milk contains more fat and calories than any other kinds of milk.

Drinking whole milk can lead you to gain fat(i.e. body weight).

Many research shows that obese people are likely to develop diabetes and cause health complications.

You should avoid drinking whole milk and drink milk with less fat or even better drink skim milk (milk with removed fat and some calories).

And if you are lactose intolerant, drink low sugar varieties of soy milk or almond milk, or rice milk.

3. Breakfast Cereal

breakfast cereal to avoid during diabetes

Breakfast Cereals are made from processed cereal grains and eaten with milk. They are artificially sweetened and mostly contain a high amount of fat and sugar.

If you are diabetic, you can consume low fat cereals that are easily available on the market.

4. Corn

corn - food to avoid during diabetes

Corn is a starchy food that contains a high level of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Since it is high in starch, it can make your increase your blood sugar level, thus it is essential for people with diabetes to avoid it.

But, it is important to note that eating corn at a level (as recommended by a doctor) is good. 

5. Trans Fat

Foods made with trans fat are highly unhealthy. Though it does not directly affect people with diabetes(your blood sugar level), it can lead to serious heart disease because it can cause inflammation, arterial dysfunction, etc. in your heart.

Examples of foods that have trans fat include cakes, Pie-crust, biscuits, frozen pizza, crackers, etc

6. Packaged lunch meats

It is a type of lunch that is pre-cooked and packed with preservatives. It also contains a high amount of saturated fat and sodiums. There, you should check if such lunch contains a high amount of fat or even better take meat sliced and cooked at home.

7. Honey

Honey to avoid during diabetes

As you know, honey contains a high amount of sugar and fat which is not a very ideal food for a person with diabetes. It is not necessary to stop eating honey but, eating a little amount with other foods is important.

8. White rice

White rice to avoid during diabetes

It is a type of rice that has its husk, bran, and germs removed which changes its texture, appearance, and flavor and makes it last longer.

It contains a high level of carbohydrates and glycemic index which means it can make blood sugar levels high.

Therefore, people with diabetes should avoid eating too much white rice. White bread made from this rice is also to be avoided by people with diabetes. Instead, they can eat brown rice or wild rice. 

9. Anything that is fried

Fried food to avoid during diabetes

It is also important to avoid fried foods since frying anything involves absorbing fat and oil which is not very healthy for diabetics patients.

Instead of frying, you should try boiling or baking or even air frying your foods. Examples of fried foods include:French fries, Potato Samosas, deep-fried chicken, etc.

10. Fast foods 

fast food to avoid during diabetes

Fast food is a type of food that is made with ease of cooking and consumption in mind. But, it is generally not healthy food.

Fast foods generally are high in added sugar and fat which as we know is very harmful to people with diabetes. But, you can eat fast foods made with vegetables or meats low in carbohydrates and fats. 

11. Dried Fruits

Dried Fruits to avoid during diabetes

It is a type of food in which the majority or almost all of the water has been removed through sun drying or any other process.

It is a condensed fruit that is very rich in fiber, minerals, and vitamins. But, it is also very high in sugar and calories which as we know is not very healthy for people with diabetes.

So, diabetics should avoid dried fruits. Examples include raisins, dates, dried plums, and so on.

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