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Clinic One serves 10,000 plus patients annually. It is also renowned as one of the best clinics in Kathmandu to provide Whole Body checkup. 

The promotional comprehensive package is for both males and females. In this package, we offer extra checkups like Liver function test, Gamma GT, Cancer screening, and Vitamin D tests.


This package is suitable for anyone who is planning to have a thorough internal and external health checkup of their whole body.

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The tests done are –

Liver Function Test

Liver function tests are blood tests that are used for diagnosing and tracking any liver disease or damage. This test calculates the amounts of certain enzymes and proteins in your blood. These test screens for liver functions, such as hepatitis and measure disease particularly scarring in liver area. It also helps in monitoring the progression of a disease such as alcoholic hepatitis and determines how well the treatment is working.

Gamma GT

Gamma Glutamyl transferase is an enzyme that is found in our body in many organs especially in the liver. GGT functions as a molecule for transport in the body, helping other molecules move around the body. It plays a major role in aiding the liver to metabolize drugs and other toxins. 

Your doctor may order the GGT test if they suspect any damage to your liver or if you have liver disease, especially if it is related to alcohol use. The GGT test is the most vulnerable enzymatic indicator of liver damage and disease at present. Often this damage is caused by heavy alcohol use or other toxic substances, such as drugs or poisons.

Cancer Screening

Cancer screening is a process of checking cancer in people who tend to have no symptoms. Screening may help doctors detect and handle different forms of cancer early before the signs are induced. Early identification is important because when unhealthy tissue or cancer is found, it may be easier to cure. This is a very important checkup as it can save your life if the signs are detected in an early stage.

Pap smear test is only for females whereas PSA for Prostate is only for males. Checkup for CEA for GI cancer and AFP for liver cancer is both available for males and females.

During the cancer screening test, our medical professional draws the patient’s blood sends it to our lab for further processing.

The result will be out within 3 hours and you can consult with our doctors accordingly.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D tends to balance the calcium and phosphate present in our body. Such nutrients are very important for preserving healthy bodies, teeth, and muscles. A lack of vitamin D can contribute to bone deformities, such as childhood rickets, and adult bone pain induced by a disorder called osteomalacia. The blood samples are then checked at our clinic and the results are given to you in a very minimum time period. 

The above tests are important to have a healthy life. It is important to know about your body and it is your duty to look after your body. 

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Echo or echocardiography is a test performed to check for the problems in your heart by using high-frequency sound waves to create an image of the heart. Some of the problems that can be detected through Echocardiogram are clogged arteries, problems in the chambers and the valves and other congenital heart diseases.

Other Tests and Investigations included in Promotional Whole Body Checkup at Clinic One Kathmandu include –

Blood Test 
  Complete Blood Count(CBC) 
  Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate(ESR) 
  Fasting Blood Glucose 
Lipid Profile 
  Total Cholesterol 
Uric Acid 
Kidney Function Test 
Liver Function Test 
  Alkaline Phosphatase 
  Total Bilirubin 
  Total Protein 
Gamma GT 
Urine Examination 
Stool Examination with Occult Blood 
10 Cancer Screening 
  Pap Smear (For Female) 
  Tumor Markers: 
  CEA for GI Cancer ** 
  AFP for Liver Cancer ** 
  PSA for Prostate Cancer (For Male Only) 
11 Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) 
12 X-Ray 
13 Ultrasound 
14 ECG 
16 Gyno Doctor Consultation 
17 General Physician Doctor Consultation 
18 Vitamin D 
19Skin Consultation 

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We are one of the best clinic providing the best whole Body Checkup in Kathmandu.

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