Vision for Education: Clinic One’s Successful Free Eye Camp Empowers School Children

Posted on : September 24, 2023 by Clinic One Team on News & Events

The Free Eye Camp organized on the 27th of Bhadra, 2080, by Clinic One and Hamro Paila at Janajyoti Secondary School was a significant community outreach effort. This event served a dual purpose by not only providing vital eye care services but also promoting the importance of eye health education among students and the entire community.

The project, ‘Social Enterprise Project 2023,’ driven by the dedicated students of Kathmandu University School of Management under the banner of Hamro Paila, exemplifies the power of collaboration between educational institutions and healthcare providers in addressing community needs.

During the eye camp, Clinic One’s skilled optometrists conducted thorough vision screenings, ensuring that every participant, from students to teachers and parents, received the care they needed.

The identification of 51 participants with refractive errors and 11 participants with dry eye syndrome highlights the critical role such initiatives play in the early detection and treatment of eye conditions.

Furthermore, the inclusion of eye-related awareness activities and informative posters aimed to educate the participants about the importance of maintaining good eye health.

By focusing on “Uplifting Children’s Education,” this event not only improved the visual health of the community but also contributed to a broader mission of empowering young minds through education.

In summary, Clinic One’s successful Free Eye Camp, conducted in collaboration with Hamro Paila and Janajyoti Secondary School, demonstrated the positive impact that social enterprises and community-driven initiatives can have in enhancing both healthcare access and educational opportunities for the residents of Janagal, Banepa, and Kavre-10.

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