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Posted on : November 3, 2019 by Clinic One on Immunization Schedule

If you are traveling to Nepal or planning to travel in the near future, here is all the information you need regarding vaccination. Vaccinations for travelers in Nepal can be divided into three categories:

  • Routine Vaccination
  • Required Vaccination
  • Recommended Vaccination

Routine Vaccination

Before traveling to Nepal or any destination, it is important for you to make sure you are up to date with your routine vaccinations which include the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, varicella (chickenpox) vaccine, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine, polio vaccine, and your yearly flu shot. If you have missed any of your routine vaccination or if you require your next dose while in Nepal, you can always visit Clinic One with your vaccination card or doctor’s prescription.

Required Vaccinations for Travelers in Nepal

Required Vaccines differ according to your travel destinations. For Nepal, there is not any mandatory vaccination but CDC highly recommends most of the travelers in getting the following vaccines in Nepal.

Recommended Vaccinations for Nepal

Vaccine How Disease Spreads Details
Hepatitis BBlood and bodily fluids Accelerated schedule available.
Cholera Food & Water Although rare in Nepal, cholera is present. Vaccination is recommended for those traveling to areas with active transmission.
Yellow Fever Mosquito Required if traveling from a country with risk of yellow fever transmission.
Japanese EnchephalitisMosquito Recommended depending on itinerary and activities. May be given to short- and extended-stay travelers, recurrent travelers, and traveling to rural areas. Found in southern lowlands, also in Kathmandu valley. Most common from June to October.
RabiesSaliva of infected animals High risk country. Rabies vaccine recommended for long-term travelers and those who may come in contact with animals.
PolioFood & Water Proof of polio vaccination is required. Considered a routine vaccination for most travel itineraries. Single adult booster recommended.

At Clinic One, we take care of your health, whether you are traveling locally, internationally or trekking around Nepal. We have experience and expertise for the following types of individuals-

  • Visiting Nepal and want to stay safe in your hiking and trekking
  • If you are visiting outside Nepal to Bhutan, Tibet or Northern India
  • Nepali traveling out of Nepal to study and want to get immunized in prep for your college
  • New parent and want to immunize your child
  • If you want to take care of your parents and relatives

Get immunized, travel safe and stay healthy. After vaccination, we provide you with a vaccination card and your electronic vaccination record will be safe with us. In case you lose your card, we can provide the record of your vaccination date and vaccine you had during your visit to Clinic One.

For vaccination and inquiries, please call us at  01-5400400 | 9863393960 or email us at [email protected].

Cited from : CDC

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