Why is online doctor consultation a good option during the pandemic?

Posted on : August 25, 2020 by Clinic One Team on Online Consultation

The fear of visiting hospitals and clinics for essential check-ups during the pandemic has risen. Patients are fearful of contacting the diseases when they visit clinics and hospitals. Thus, we have heard the need for online doctor appointments in Nepal.

The main prevention tips of COVID-19 is to avoid crowded places, maintain 2-meter distance, wear a mask, use sanitizers, and wash hands for 20 seconds.

Additionally, getting counseling online with doctors is a very good solution to take care of yourself and your family member, while maintaining safety. Whenever we face lockdown in Kathmandu Nepal, or when we are far away from a doctor, or have a family member who cannot see a doctor, seeing a doctor like this with telemedicine is a better option than not seeing a doctor.

Online doctor consultation is a new business model in the medical industry that is an excellent innovation for everyone’s well-being. Technology has helped us to reach our doctors without needing to visit the clinic. This has pushed the concept of doctors on call to a whole new level.

Here are 5 reasons why online doctor consultation is recommended in Nepal: 

1. No need to Travel

The major advantage of online consultation during the pandemic is you don’t need to travel.

Since the virus can be transmitted through objects and human beings, it is safest to stay at home and not go out unnecessarily. You don’t need to wait for your transportation and come in contact with different people.

You can safely stay home and begin your consultation via the Internet. You can express how you are feeling on the internet to your doctor. You can get counselling. The doctor can prescribe medicine that you can then pick up from your nearby pharmacy, or get delivered to your home. All this from the comfort of your home. 

2. Quick medical attention

Unlike in clinics and hospitals, you don’t need to wait in queue for your turn to see a doctor. When you consult a doctor online, all you need to decide is the time and the medical practitioners will assist you.

At Clinic One Kathmandu, we offer online doctor consults, and they can be easily done via your phone, or your video chat options.

The flexibility helps patients to receive the best medical care from their preferred doctor despite their busy schedule or remote nature.  

3. Cost-effective

Online consultations are very cost-effective. You save money and time you spend traveling to clinics or hospitals.

Many of us have the mindset that these consultations are really expensive. This is not true. Online doctor consultation is one of the most affordable solutions to your medical needs. And if you factor in your time and other transportation costs, it is cheaper.

4. Privacy and Security

Many of us are new to telemedicine, and not very familiar with talking to the doctors online. That’s why it’s especially crucial to know that you’re talking to somebody with professional experience to counsel you about your health.

Similarly, while seeking an online consultation from the right clinic with this capability, you can be confident that you are using a secure system. YOu can also note that everything you discussed with your doctor will remain confidential, safe and secure. 

Request an online appointment at Clinic One Kathmandu Nepal>>>

    5. No location restrictions

    During this pandemic, we have strict movement restrictions around our borders and regional areas. Due to this , patients are facing problems to meet their doctor for first time or followup visits. But, telemedicine has no location boundaries. You can consult with your doctor even in you are out of town or in another state or a different country.

    During the pandemic period, you can still consult with your doctor and track your health on a regular basis via Viber, WhatsApp, and other social media channels.

    These are a few of the reasons why online doctor consultation is an excellent solution during this pandemic period.

    It keeps you safe from the virus. And you can maintain your and your dear ones’ health like in normal days.

    So, book your online consultation now and don’t compromise on your health. 

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