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Posted on : August 5, 2020 by Clinic One Team on Online Consultation


Clinic One is now offering online doctor consultation services in Nepal through different media channels.

We have been receiving many requests for online doctor appointments from patients all around Nepal and abroad in the past few months. We know our regular patients have also been facing difficulties to connect with us due to the COVID – 19 pandemic.

To accommodate our patients’ requests and adapt to the changes occurring in the world right now, we have officially started providing online doctor consultation services.

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    How can you benefit from an Online Doctor Consultation in Nepal?

    The onset of the COVID- 19 pandemic has increased the need for the whole country to operate online,  including the healthcare sector. Patients are unable to visit their health care providers even for their routine visits.

    This naturally increased need for of online doctor visits – known as “Telemedicine” or “Remote Medicine”

    Following are benefits of seeing a doctor virtually using Telemedicine:

    1. Lessens the chances of catching new illnesses like COVID – 19.
    2. Reduces healthcare costs.
    3. Saves transportation fees and travel time.
    4. No location restrictions: You can consult a doctor from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world.
    5. Fast and Easy appointment scheduling.
    6. Less waiting time.
    7. Quick access to specialists.
    8. No need to take time-off from work or hire babysitters to take care of your child while visiting a doctor.
    9. Patient confidentiality.

    Why should patients get Online Appointments for Doctor Visit at Clinic One?

    1. We have the best specialists in Nepal to provide online consultation.
    2. We immediately schedule appointments.
    3. We offer Free follow-ups for 7 days. (Except for psychiatric consultation)
    4. No minimum/maximum time slots. Our doctors will provide you as much time as you need.
    5. Confidentiality: Only you and the doctor will take part in the conversation during the consultation, and all the discussions are kept confidential.
    6. Security: Your physical invoice and the prescription file will be safe with us. We will mail you a scanned copy to you. When you visit to our clinic in the future, your prescription and documents will be readily available.
    7. Free reminder for reports and followups.


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