Increasing Stress And Anxiety During The Lockdown

Posted on : May 10, 2020 by Clinic One on COVID-19

It has been 45 days since lockdown began in Nepal. The pandemic has kept some of us locked within the four walls, but has made the daily workers walking miles to reach their village. We can see it on the news about how people are physically and mentally traumatized by the situation. 

As, the lockdown period in Nepal is extending to Jestha 02, 2077, the citizens are becoming more stressed and anxious. COVID-19 has also brought negative mental pressures for people. They are stressed about the situation we are going through and anxious about the future we going towards. 

During such a situation, we must remain calm and manage our anxiety and fears. 

By staying informed

We can follow news sources that are true and we should stop following fake news that creates nuisance chaos. We should definitely be updated with news but limit our time and step away if you feel overwhelmed. 

Focus on things we can control

We cannot control the situation on our own. But there are things we can do to stay away from the virus such as washing our hands frequently, avoiding crowded places, and avoiding going out unnecessarily.

Stay connected – even when physically isolated

Though the situation has made people stay away from their loved ones, social media plays a vital role in the connection. You can use media sources to connect with your friends and family. This will help you feel less lonely and depressed. 

Take care of your body and spirit

Follow a nice time table routine for yourself. You can also get engaged in meditation and arts that will help you keep engaged. Also, this is a perfect opportunity to learn new things and develop you. 

Though the time is critical and hard for every one of us, the only solution we have is staying home and social distancing. This can very much help the virus from stop spreading. The world will be back normal again if we follow the proper guidelines and fight against COVID-19. 

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