ICT Awards 2023: Clinic One Emerges as Leading Health Partner

Posted on : January 15, 2024 by Clinic One on News & Events

The ICT Award 2023 was a remarkable blend of technology and well-being, and Clinic One was honored to be the health partner for this prestigious event.

On Poush 6th, 2080, our team at Clinic One joined hands with the ICT community, bringing more than just medical services to the table. We provided health consultations, checked blood pressure and blood sugar levels for all the wonderful attendees, and warmly addressed their general health inquiries.

It was more than a partnership; it was a chance to care for the brilliant minds behind the tech innovations. With our dedicated on-site team, we were ready for any health concerns, ensuring that everyone could focus on the celebration without worrying about their well-being. At Clinic One, we believe in nurturing not just technology but also the people who drive it forward.

To extend our commitment, Clinic One offered all award winners and jury members the opportunity for a free overall health checkup.

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