What does Your Urine say About Your Health?

Posted on : June 8, 2022 by Clinic One Team on Urology

Urine can be an indicator of the performance and health of many organs of your body.

Urine is a type of excrement that your body produces to exit waste material. When your body or the organs that are responsible for producing urine are not performing properly, your urine can show that through smell, color, fluidity, etc.

Therefore, read this article to understand, in brief, urine and its indications.

What do smell and color have to do with urine?

Generally, urine has a mild to no type of smell and it is mildly yellowish as well as sometimes golden in color(with respect to hydration level, and other variables).

What does your urine color indicates about your health

Many doctors consider small changes in smell as well as the color of the urine quite normal. But:

  • Nasty or stinky urine can be a sign of UTIs(Urinary Tract Infections), also occasionally certain classes or groups of meals you consume, medications you have taken, or due to diabetes, urine can change the color as well as the smell.

    The most common example of this is Coffee, garlic, onions, etc. But that doesn’t mean they indicate healthy kidneys or other organs, no.

    If your urine smells bad after eating those foods or prescriptions, it may be normal but, if the smell doesn’t go even after you have stopped eating those foods, go see a doctor (Urologist).

  • Color can also indicate conditions of different organs and medical issues.
    • Transparent urine can be a sign of overhydration which is fine in itself but, if you keep overhydrating it can cause other issues in your body.

      But, if you are hydrating yourself in a regular amount and your urine is transparent, it may be an indication of diabetes-related problems. So, go see a doctor if you see those symptoms.

    • If your urine is brownish in color, it can be an indication of dehydration. Dehydration can occur due to many reasons such as diarrhea, fever, vomiting, or entirely due to not drinking plenty of water.

      Hence, drinking an abundance of water can reduce the possibility of dehydration but if even after consuming a bunch of water, your symptoms don’t go away, you should go see a doctor.

    • When your urine comes out as red or pink in color, it can be a sign of kidney-related problems. But, consuming foodstuffs such as beets, blueberries, etc, or taking particular types of prescriptions can also cause your urine to go red or pink.

      However, please note that observing blood in your urine is never a good thing so please go see a doctor immediately.

    • It is pretty usual for urine to come out as yellowish color because it may be caused due to taking particular supplements. So, if you quit taking them, it might go away but if it doesn’t, go see a doctor.

    • It is pretty irregular for a person to have blue or green urine which may be due to hereditable problems but it may also be caused due to artificial food coloring, drinks, beverages, etc.

      But if you do get this color of urine, go see a doctor.

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What do foaminess and cloudiness in urine mean?

Cloudy urine may be an indication or early sign of kidney-related problems, UTIs, or diabetes whereas foamy urine may be caused due or may be a sign of kidney-related problems.

What does a burning sensation while urinating mean?

A burning sensation while urinating can be an early indication or may be caused due to many medical conditions such as UTI, STD, and many other conditions.

When is it time to go see a doctor?

Urologist detect urine problems

It is really important to go see a doctor immediately after you have experienced or observed any or all of the symptoms or conditions described above (especially if you see blood in urine or experience a burning sensation).
Problems related to urine are generally diagnosed and treated by Urologists.

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What can you do to minimize the risk?

holding urine is bad for your health
  • Wiping after urinating,
  • Drinking plenty of water can also reduce the chance of developing urination-related diseases described above,
  • Don’t hold pee for a long time or don’t hold pee at all,
  • Healthy diet as well as a healthy lifestyle, etc.


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