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Posted on : May 7, 2018 by Clinic One Team on Bhaktapur

We are excited to announce that now our patients can take our services from the comfort of their own homes. This may apply to the patients that have already taken our services at our clinic or the new ones, who want to join us. 

If you want to take our clinic and its services at home, our home care team is eager to help you with their services, treatments, and best advice possible. They even guide you through the skills, methods, and techniques that you may need to stay safe at home for your illness in question. 

If you think, you don’t need continuous clinic care, then home care could be the way out for you. Just give us a call and book an appointment. You can book with us various services such as a doctor’s consultation, online medicine delivery, or services at home just by calling us at 01-5400400 or 9863393960 or 9863393961. For online inquiry, you could also drop in your query at [email protected]

We have a range of specialist doctors available for various needs that you can select from the list of doctors. Similarly, we are a one-stop solution for all home delivery services for various health care needs. If you don’t find it here, you may not find it anywhere.

This may be very useful for peoples who

  1. Don’t need continuous clinic care such as in nursing facility, rehab home, etc.
  2. Those who need help recovering from their health conditions at home.
  3. Those who need help in managing their health condition at home.
  4. Those who have mobility or functional issues.
  5. Those who have issues leaving their home.

What are the medical services available at home?

We offer a range of medical services at your disposal at a very economical cost and a reliable approach. These services may range from nursing care to laboratory workups. As per your own need, you could book with us for example, doctor’s consultation at home, medical services at home such as USG (Ultrasound Sonography test) scan, or a PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) report, or an online medical delivery at home, and so on. 

It’s all on your consultation with your doctor that will determine the type of care plan and services, you may need to render at your home. Some of the services are described below.

1. Doctors Consultation at Home

Consultation with a doctor at home could be a very useful service for you for several different reasons that are listed below.

  1. If you or your loved ones fall sick or are too weak to come to our clinic for a visit this service may be handy to use. 
  2. If you are busy attending your important meeting, while, one of your loved ones has a doctor’s visit the same day, you may just call in a doctor at home for a consultation.
  3. If one of your family members has mobility issues but needs to see a doctor, you may just call in for an appointment with a doctor at home.

Our team of knowledgeable, skilled, and compassionate, doctors will surely help you with the best consultation, advice, and treatment plan available in a reliable way. These may include your regular, or long-term health care needs right just a call away and at the comfort of your home. The perks of this service are also to avoid any traveling and traffic associated with it with no waiting on long queues at the clinic.

2. Online Medicine Delivery at Home

Now you can even have your prescription drugs at your home through our service of online delivery systems. You are just a call away if you need this service. We even offer an almost 12% discount on our patient (condition apply) with no extra charge including taxes. 

Your prescriptions will be thoroughly investigated before dispensing by our pharmacist detailing the doses as appropriate. Moreover, our wide variety of medicines will surely help you with your various needs, and if it’s not available with us we are going to place it into our order.

Our online medicine delivery system is fast and reliable. You need not waste your valuable time visiting various pharmacy stores in this traffic jam. This is especially true if you need to attend to something urgent. You just need to call on us and give us the name of the drugs that you require.

Our service relies on three basic steps that help us be reliable and accurate. First, we validate your doctor’s prescription, secondly, we provide the right medication, and lastly, we offer the direction on its uses. These measures make us one of the most reliable, and trustworthy partners for your health concern and you will not regret tying up with us.

You can book for our online medicine delivery services through our online order form on our website, email, or a phone call. We offer a range of Nepal government-approved medicines and we are known for speedy delivery.

3. Medical services at home

a. USG at Home

Ultrasound sonography is abbreviated as (USG) scan can be now done at the comfort of your home if you book with us at Clinic One. In short (USG) scan is just the use of high-frequency sound waves used to scan the internal organs of our body. 

It is generally, used to examine the internal organs of the males and females such as their abdomen and pelvic area, and their reproductive system. It is also very helpful for women during pregnancy to examine the condition of their fetus. It can reveal the structure, and movement of the body’s internal organs including the abdomen and others. 

Moreover, it can be used to monitor any abnormalities in the internal organs such as the liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, and gallbladder when required. A picture (sonogram) is taken for any internal organ that is being investigated. 

But if you have any issues with your mobility for various personal and professional needs, you can get your USG scan at the comfort of your home. Our well-trained specialist will bring in a portable and appropriate USG machine and you can have your scan done at your home. 

The only requirement could be that you may need to stop eating or drinking certain hours before your scan as advised by your physician or may stick to any other specialized requirements as advised.

b. PCR Tests at Home

Polymerase Chain Reaction or as abbreviated as (PCR) tests is a method widely used to make millions of copies of specific DNA samples under investigation. This enables scientists to amplify a small number of DNA samples into very large quantities so that they can be studied thoroughly. 

There are three kinds of PCR testing available in general which will be detailed below.

The first one is to identify the actual genetic material of the causative agent such as virus, for example, from samples from patients. Samples can be taken from a nasal pharyngeal swab or a pharyngeal swab. These would look into the presence of actual genetic material. 

Secondly, some PCR tests would look for the outer shell of the causative agent, for example, the outer coat protein of the virus or its envelope. 

And lastly, some PCR tests are designed to look for the antibodies that have been developed inside our bodies after the infection. Hence these tests, look for the specific antibodies made against the specific outer shell protein of the causative agent and elucidate whether or not the body has mounted an immune response. 

In the present context, where PCR testing is done for diagnosing Covid-19 on people, it is vitally important to make use of this service if you are in any case unable to attend clinics and hospitals. These may apply to situations where you could not attend our clinic for personal or health reasons. 

We could send you specialized, and trained professionals to collect the swab samples at the comfort of your home, and deliver your reports online is the most accurate and reliable ways.

Call Clinic One Kathmandu for inquiries at  01-5400400 | 9863393960/61 or email us at [email protected] 

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    Pcr test at home

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