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Posted on : August 20, 2021 by Clinic One Team on Balanced Weight

It goes without saying, being slim is good for you physically and mentally.

But, Consuming fewer calories than what you need isn’t healthy especially for people who are suffering from medical conditions.

We must eat at a rate that is proper and healthy.

Though this article doesn’t provide you with a professional/doctors’ prescription, it will provide, in general, some healthy ways of gaining weight.

1. Eating more often

When you are underweight, you tend to feel full without eating the full meal that your body requires.

So, eating more often can help you gain weight healthily.

A fair bit of warning though, if you eat continuously you may gain weight faster but, you might become overweight/obese.

So, eating more often doesn’t mean eating continuously, it just means eating a little bit more calories than your body requires.

Finding out your “ideal” weight is essential for that part. You can google your bodys’ “ideal” weight by your height. 

To maintain that weight, you have to calculate how many daily calories that you need to intake.

Calculating required calories intake is different for everyone. It depends upon your height, your work, your activity level, weight, etc.

We recommend you consult a professional dietician/ trainer for calculating your daily calories intake(though you can also google calorie calculator but, some websites may not be trustworthy).

Then consuming a little bit more calories than that can help you gain weight healthily.

This method will take time to show any differences but, over time you will start to gain weight that is sustainable.

2. Eating more nutrition-rich foods

Eating nutrition-rich foods can help you gain weight healthily. Following nutrient-rich foods can help you gain weight healthily.

  • carbohydrates(rice, potato, whole grain pastas, etc.), 
  • protein(pork, chicken(boil or roast but, don’t deep fry it. Deep frying increases oil content in foods which are not healthy), eggs, milk, etc.), and 
  • fats(avocado, butter, olives, etc.).

This goes without saying but, don’t over-consume any of the above.

If you eat too much of anything, it starts to become unhealthy. Consume by balancing them according to your daily calories requirement(calories adjusted for gaining weight(as calculated above)).

We recommend consulting a dietician/trainer for proper instructions.

3. Drink drinks that are rich in calories

Drinks here don’t mean any kind of soda, tea, or coffee. It means consuming drinks(other than that) by making smoothies.

It is important to note that you should consume this kind of smoothie as per your daily calories intake goal.

It is also important to note when you drink your drinks. Drinking before eating can make you feel full.

So, you should target your drinks at least 30 minutes before eating meals.

IT DOESN’T mean you shouldn’t quench your thirst, by all means, you should drink when you feel thirsty, it just means drinking properly to ensure an optimal outcome.

4. Don’t eat junk foods

In order to gain weight healthily, you shouldn’t eat junk foods.

Junk foods(such as chips, burgers, deep-fried chickens, etc.) are not healthy foods, that’s why they are called “junk foods” in the first place.

Junk foods do help you to gain weight, but the weight you gain is in the form of fat, not muscle.

Since the whole point of gaining weight healthily is to gain muscle, eating junk foods beats that purpose.

So, don’t eat junk food.

5. Don’t give up on healthy low calorie foods

junk food unhealthy diet

Gaining weight doesn’t necessarily mean giving up on your healthy low-calorie foods.

Eating healthy low-calorie foods with added dressing can also help you gain weight healthily.

Dressing such as avocado, olives, cheese, nuts, etc. can help you gain weight. You can also add fruits(such as apples, pears, berries, etc.) to your low-calorie foods.

6. Exercise

Gaining weight through muscle gain is important in maintaining “ideal” weight. Gaining muscle is harder than gaining fat. To gain muscle, you must exercise daily.

Exercise such as yoga, pull-ups, push-ups, etc. can help you gain muscle.

Exercise not only helps in gaining muscle, it also helps in maintaining a healthy body and mind(bringing your appetite, etc.).

It is important to consult your doctor/dietician/trainer before conducting any exercising activities.

And also don’t overdo it. Overdoing exercise can have the opposite outcome on your health.

This article has provided you with some surface-level/brief introduction to gaining weight. You may have seen many DO’s and DON’Ts have exceptions.

It is because eating more than/less than required can have a negative impact on your health.

It is all about striking the balance between calorie burning and intake and eating a little bit more than balance to gain weight.

It is advised you should consult your doctor/dietician/trainer to have an optimal outcome on your weight gaining goal.

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