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Posted on : September 23, 2018 by Clinic One Team on Bhaktapur

Clinic One is now providing health care training to all health care and non-healthcare individuals who want to have basic life support training and help people in an emergency.

What Is Health Care?

Health care is an organized service for individuals or a community, that is treasured throughout our society. It is also prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and cure of illness or diseases.

It is provided by professionals who have been trained and have proper knowledge of medicine, a basic understanding of the human body, or who have taken educational courses on public health(i.e. Route toward becoming a nurse or a doctor or a pharmacist).

It includes primary, secondary, and tertiary services such as medicine, psychology therapy, physiological therapy, exercise training, etc.

Who provides such services? Or Who is a health care service provider?

A health care service provider is a trained professional or an organization that is licensed to provide health care service to you.

It includes individuals, such as a physician, advanced health providers, health professionals, etc., and organizations, such as hospitals, clinics, medical groups, etc.

Health care training provided by Clinic One includes:

1. Emergency Life support training and advanced first aid training

It is an interactive and comprehensive training on what to do if you see someone unconscious/ unresponsive.

This training will provide you with some courses on how to deal with patients competently and confidently in emergencies to save lives.

Emergency life support training and advanced first aid training includes

  • Basic CPR(CardioPulmonaryResuscitation) and AED(Automated External Defibrillator) training, 
  • What to do if you find someone choking, 
  • What is recovery position training and how to put someone in the recovery position, 
  • How to control bleeding, 
  • Allergic reaction analysis training, 
  • How to perform first-aid when help isn’t available immediately in a remote location, 
  • Introducing advance/complex medical machinery to be used in emergencies, etc. 

2. Emotional Support Training

Many of the hospitals and clinics are full of stress and worry. So, patients or their family members in this environment may feel isolated and fear.

Therefore, it is really important for patients to get emotional support along with medical support to mitigate such feelings.

Health care providers or doctors in this situation should have some basic understanding of psychology to provide such emotional support through trust, respect, setting a mutual goal, being present open, and honest, and creating an environment where patients and their families feel safe.

Not only that this training will also provide you, as a health care provider, with some course on how to manage your own stress or fear in such a situation.

Hence, the emotional support training at Clinic One will give you a basic understanding of psychology through reading the room and character analysis.

Emotional supports to be provided to patients include:

  • For adjusting life to the illness,
  • Getting ready for treatment and cure,
  • Adjusting to the new reality(hospital life),
  • Properly handling emotional stress due to such illness,
  • Emotional support to patients family members,
  • Prepare them to leave the hospital without any worry,

It also includes training in providing psychological support to our psychiatric patients via call or text.

We will be introducing a hotline number for those who want to talk or a text line for those who are not comfortable in talking but would rather get support via text.

Who can take part in this training?

Interested individuals do not necessarily have to be health care providers to enroll in our training program.

We believe that each and every individual must have basic emergency life support and first aid training which have become very important, especially nowadays, when people are attracting covid-19 easily.

We never know when disaster strikes or when we’ll be facing such a situation where a small effort can save lives.

Interested individuals or volunteers can apply for such training to Clinic One.

Call Clinic One Kathmandu for inquiries at  01-5400400 | 9863393960/61 or email us at [email protected] 

Find us on Facebook: Clinic One

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  1. H. Aryal says:

    Is Etoshine 120mg available?

    1. Clinic One says:

      Please call us at 015009233 / 9863393960 / 01-6201815 for medicine inquiries during our opening hours.

  2. Srijala says:

    Can i get desolon medicine?

    1. Clinic One says:

      Please call 015009233 or 9863393960 for medicine inquiries.

  3. R. Singh says:


    Can you please deliver Aztor 20mg outside kathmandu valley i.e. Surkhet. We need 180 tabltes.


  4. A. Ray says:

    Is Yasmin tablet available here?

  5. L. Sunar says:

    Is ascrobic acid (vitamin c 100 Perecnt)in powder available?

  6. S. Katwal says:

    I need OTC drug for acne treatment .do u have

  7. G. Shrestha says:

    Is it still open? If yes then is there 200 metered doses asthalin inhaler available?

  8. Santpal says:

    Can you deliver these medicine at Nepaltar.
    Glizid-40,Normachol 10, tamcontin 0.2, teneric LD 50, Eliwel 10,, menrev od, obichek 850, oestebon plus, cortilone 10 and 5, cilacar 10, osamax 70. 30 tablets each except osamas 70- 8 tabs

  9. M. Limbu says:

    Is MMFS360 mg available?

  10. Puru says:

    Hello, is the updated version of influenza vaccine for 2020/21 flu season available?

    1. Clinic One says:

      Yes, we have it available. Please contact us for more information.

  11. S. Pudasaini says:

    Helo can u please deliver nexpro fast 40 mg for2 weeks

  12. Jigyasa says:

    Is Bactimax cream 7.5g available here? Plz Ripley. It’s very argent..

  13. Acharya says:

    Super Omega-3 EPA/DHA with Sesame Lignans & Olive Fruit Extract – Life Extension – 120 Softgels, is this available in Nepal??

  14. aayusha says:

    is remdesivir available

    1. Clinic One says:

      Sorry, we don’t have it.

  15. Bi. Aryal says:

    Is naltrexone 50 mg available..kindly reply.i want it

  16. Shrijana says:

    Is collagen supplement available…here…

  17. Elwood Pye says:

    Please let me know if you have lorazepam also known as ativan. I take it for sleeping. Thank you

    1. Clinic One says:

      Yes we do. But we only dispense medicines as per the prescription of our psychiatrist.

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