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Hand Pain and Problems

hand pain problems and treatment

As vital it is to our daily function; hands are equally sophisticated in its anatomy. A human hand can largely be divided into three main parts namely fingers, palm and wrist, and made up of 27 bones.

This huge collection of bones attains their dexterity by the aid of the interconnected matrix of muscles, joints, ligaments, and sheaths.

Muscles help in contraction that is vital for the movement, ligaments bring the joints together, while joints are the points where two bones meet.

Similarly, 3 major types of bones include phalanges, meta-carpels, and carpels as depicted in the figure below.

C:\Users\mohit\Desktop\Hand anatomy.jpg
Figure: Bones of the human hand

Common Hand Problems

Most cases of problems in the human hand can be related to overuse, injury, or inherent medical condition.

Repetitive actions while playing sports or working can stress the muscles, ligaments, and tendons bringing about some of these problems.

General signs and symptoms include discoloration (redness), stiffness, soreness, burning sensation, numbness, inflammation, and pain during normal movement.

While series of tendons that joins muscles to bones and ligaments that joints bones to bones. 

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Some of the common hand problems include:

Carpal tunnel Syndrome

This is a condition where the median nerve that passes through the carpal tunnel in the wrist is compressed. As a result, sensory impulses are impaired resulting in a varying range of symptoms such as pain, numbness, and swelling. 


It is a condition where inflammation of tendons is observed due to overuse or other stressors.

Tendons are the tissue that connects muscles to bones and its inflammation signifies that something is wrong with the activity in the use of our hands.

Ample rest, use of ice pack, or heat treatments can generally cure a large number of cases.

Ganglion cysts of hand

This is characterized by the development of a fluid-filled sac of varying sizes at either side of the hand.

The size of the cyst may increase or decrease with time. And not all cysts require treatment as they may be painless and cause no problems for the activities involved.

Nevertheless, on the contrary, those that do cause pain can be removed through surgery.

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Preventive and Treatment Options for Hand Pain

Self-help remedies such as the use of ice-pack, heat treatment, or compression (use of bandage) can help relieve most minor hand pain and problems.

While, over the counter, anti-inflammatory painkillers can be useful in the case of excess pain.

But in the case of chronic pain and serious injuries resulting in broken bones, the patient is advised to seek medical attention and surgery might be needed if appropriate.

An orthopedic doctor diagnose and provide the treatment for hand pain and problems.

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By Clinic One Team
17 | 07 | 2020

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