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Posted on : February 9, 2020 by Clinic One on Full Body Checkup Packages

We are one of the best clinics in Kathmandu providing Full Body Checkup services to tens of thousands of people annually.

Regular health checkup has become a necessity to ensure you are fit and healthy.

A regular health checkup can indicate signs of health issues if any, which also means you can mitigate or proactively prevent health issues.

Various factors such as age, health, family history, and lifestyle choices have direct and indirect impacts on our bodies. These must be identified timely.

Which tests are included in the Regular Full Body Checkup Package?

Clinic One’s Regular Health Package includes 15 different tests and investigations. They are done within 90 minutes at only Rs 5999/-.

This package is suitable for anyone who is planning to have a yearly whole-body checkup at a very reasonable price. The tests done are –

1. Complete Blood Count (CBC)

CBC is a normal blood test to evaluate the overall health and detect a wide range of disorders which include anemia, infection, and leukemia.

This test measures the features and components of red blood cells, white blood cells, hemoglobin, hematocrit, and platelets.

The abnormality observed in the counts of these components will indicate whether further examination is required or not.

2. Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)

ESR is a blood test that can diagnose the inflammatory activity going on in the body along with monitoring the progress of the inflammatory disease.

This test helps to evaluate unexplained fever along with some types of arthritis and symptoms that affect the muscles.

It also helps in diagnosing certain conditions such as Gaint cell arteritis, Polymyalgia rheumatic, and rheumatoid arthritis.

3. Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS)

FSB is a blood test for which a sample of blood is taken after an overnight fast.

A fasting blood sugar level less than 100 mg/dL is normal, results showing a sugar level from 100 to 125 mg/dL is considered prediabetes and if it is 126 mg/dL or more then you have risk factors for diabetes.  

4. Lipid Profile

Lipid profile is a blood test that measures the amount of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

The basic Cholesterol test or lipid profile determines the risk of buildup of plaques in the arteries that can lead to blocked arteries resulting in a significant risk of coronary artery disease.

5. Kidney Function Test

The kidney function test includes 2 types of tests: Albumin to Creatinine Ratio (ACR) and Glomerular Filtration Ratio (GFR).

ACR is a urine test to check the level of albumin: a type of protein is present in the urine. An increased level of albumin indicates early signs of kidney damage.

GFR measures kidney function through a blood test and determines a specific stage of kidney disease if any.

6. Liver Function Test

The liver function test is also a blood test done to monitor liver disease or damage by measuring certain levels of enzymes and proteins in the blood.

One kind of liver function test measures the performance of the liver and its functionality of producing protein, clearing bilirubin, and blood waste product.

Other liver tests measures enzymes that liver cells release in response to damage or disease. 

7. Uric Acid

The uric acid test is recommended by the medical expert after realizing pain in joints or even when you have gout or risk of kidney stone formation.

Detection of a high level of uric acid in blood could indicate the condition of gout or the cause of kidney stones developed within the body unknowingly.

8. Thyroid Test

The thyroid function test is a series of blood tests done in order to examine the proper working mechanism of the thyroid glands. Here we have all types of thyroid tests.


TSH test helps to diagnose a condition called subclinical hypothyroidism which doesn’t pose any outward signs and symptoms.


The T3 test is done to determine if the thyroid produces too much thyroid hormone or pituitary gland produces doesn’t produce a normal number of pituitary hormones.


T4 test measures the blood level of the hormone T4 known as thyroxine and also help control metabolism and growth.

9. Stool Examination with Occult Blood

The stool analysis is basically concerned with diagnosing any defect or abnormality in the digestive system for which is a series of tests are done on a stool sample.

The condition determines infection, the creation of any bacterial activity, poor nutrient absorption, and even cancer.

10. Urine Examination

Urine analysis is a series of tests conducted on the patient’s urine to check signs and symptoms of common conditions or diseases.

This examination result helps to figure out critical diseases like kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes, or cancer at their early stage so that a proper process of treatment is carried out at the right time.

11. Ultrasound

Ultrasound is the imaging process with the use of high-frequency sound waves in order to monitor the activities within the body.

This package specializes in the examination of the abdomen and pelvis. This is a painless process done to evaluate the overall metabolism of the body.

12. ECG

ECG is the graphical representation of the heartbeats that displays and monitors heart status in many situations.

The sensors placed at the top of your chest detects the electrical activity of the heart.

This is a painless process to help diagnose many common heart-related problems in people of different ages.

13. X-ray

X-ray is the common process of imaging the inside structure of the body without having to make an incision.

This package involves an x-ray of the chest. It evaluates the lungs, chest wall, and heart which further helps to diagnose shortness of breath, persistent cough, fever, chest pain, or injury.

14. Internal Medicine / Endocrinology Consultation

Internal medicine is a medical specialty dedicated to the diagnosis and medical treatment of adults dealing with complex health issues.

Internal medicine includes allergy, heart diseases, hormone disorders, blood disorders, kidney disease, lung disorder, etc.

Endocrinology Consultation helps to diagnose and treatment of conditions that affect the endocrine glands.

The hormones produced by the endocrine glands regulate crucial functions including reproduction, growth, blood pressure, and metabolism.

15. Dietary consultation

Dietary consultation includes the basic process of reviewing the patient’s medical and diet charts.

This is done in order to stay healthy and prevent yourself from external health issues and such as obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and many such disease-related to dietary changes.

For appointment and inquiries at Clinic One please call 01-5400400 | 9863393960 or email us at [email protected]

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19 thoughts on "Full Body Checkup – Regular Health Package"

  1. A. Bhardwaj says:

    Where is location?
    Have you any discount policy or any special discount on this suffering period due to covid-19
    For whole body function 17 tests???

    1. Clinic One says:

      We are located at 2nd Floor, Norkhang Complex, Jawalakhel. Yes, These are our discounted prices. Feel free to call us for more information.

  2. P. Pokhrel says:

    Any branch in jhapa?

    1. Clinic One says:

      We currently operate in Kathmandu only.

  3. N. Niraula says:

    Does this include the nutrition blood test for vitamin and mineral as well ?

    1. Clinic One says:

      Hi N. Niraula,
      We currently have a Vitamin D test on our other package named Promotional Comprehensive Package. But if you wish to do our Regular Full Body Checkup Package with an additional nutrition blood test, we can customize the package for you.

  4. S. Lama says:

    Hi there!
    Im planning to check my whole body.
    How can you help me to get the location?
    And what is cost if you possibly can say?

    1. Clinic One says:

      Hello S. Lama,
      The price is mentioned in the image above. We are located at 2nd Floor, Norkhang Complex, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur. Please call us at 9863393960 for more information.

  5. R. Kharel says:

    Excellent service and also cheaper.

  6. R. Gurung says:

    Hello,can i opt for just the kidney and liver functions tests? Also uric acid. And what wud the cost be?

  7. M. B. K.C. says:

    How much will be the package price for full budy chekup?

    1. Clinic One says:

      The price is Rs. 5500 for our Regular Full Body Checkup Package.

  8. Bipin says:

    How much does it cost to add Testosterone and DHT level testing in the package or even separately?

    1. Clinic One says:

      Please call us at 015009233 / 9863393960 for inquiries.

  9. Pranisha says:

    For rs 5500 17 tests are said to be done is it valid for till date or not?
    If this package is valid then can i call this respective clinic for an appointment?
    Also during this covid 19 period does this clinic has opened? And how about the precaution?
    Because if everything seems fine then i want to do this general body check up.

    1. Clinic One says:

      Yes, the offer is still valid. Please call us at 9863393960 to schedule your appointment. We are currently open from 7 am to 7 pm and we are following all the necessary protocols recommended by Nepal government and WHO. All of our staff members and doctors wear PPE, Face Masks, and face shields. We have an automatic sanitizer dispenser at the point of entry. You are more than welcome to visit us for a whole body checkup.

  10. Yukta says:

    What tests are done to find if your lungs are fine ?

    1. Clinic One says:

      For lungs, we have PFT (Pulmonary Function Test), and Chest X- Ray

  11. Nirmal says:

    Hi sir/miss
    is it possible to get same time appointment date when we visit your clinic for full check or we have to take appointment date first because we coming from far from ktm.

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