Enjoy World Cup Fullest But Don’t Forget Health

Posted on : December 2, 2022 by Clinic One Team on Blog

As the Fifa World Cup has started once again, excitement is in the air as soccer fans gear up to cheer for their favorite team. But, your fandom may be harmful to your health, especially when the World Cup is broadcast at midnight in Nepali time.

Following these habits during World Cup season can affect your health:

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Many football fans forgo sleep to watch their team play if the match takes place during the wee hours. World cup in Nepali time is broadcasted mostly at midnight.

Pulling all-nighters not only affects your memory and concentration, but you are also at higher risk of falling sick.

Lack of sleep also affects your immune system. The more all-nighters you pull, the more likely you may catch an infection and fall sick.

Long-term sleep deprivation may also leave long-lasting damage to your brain and heart.

So, how can you keep your immune system strong during World Cup season?
  • Eat more foods containing iron, protein, zinc, and vitamins B, C, and D, as they form the foundation of your body’s immune system.
    Supplement your diet with a multivitamin if you suspect you are not getting the necessary nutrients from your diet.
  • Get back into your regular sleeping patterns as soon as possible to recover from the side effects of sleep deprivation.

Putting On Extra Pounds

Popular game-night snacks (such as potato chips, beer, and pizza) are high in salt, fat, and calories. While snacking during a single game may not have any noticeable effects on your body, doing so over the entire World Cup season can make a difference on your waistline.

You may also be too engrossed in the game to keep track of what and how much you are eating and drinking.

Instead of the usual game-day snacks, you must take some healthier alternatives:

Instead ofEat
Soft drinks, beerFruit-infused water/smoothies
PizzaBaked tortilla with meatballs
Pita bread with hummus
Wholegrain plain crackers with vegetable salsa
Potato chipsHomemade popcorn

Putting Your Heart Health at Risk

It’s common for your excitement to reach the top when watching your team in action. But sometimes, getting overly invested emotionally may affect your heart.

Psychological triggers, such as stress, excitement, anger, or anxiety, can strain your heart and put you at risk of heart-related conditions.

For such super fans, the excitement and stress of watching your teams during matches – especially during scoring moments – can significantly increase your heartbeat rate.

Together with sleep deprivation, the increased blood pressure and heart rate may make their hearts unstable, particularly for older fans with heart disease.

Eating unhealthy game-day snacks isn’t helping your heart either i.e. fatty foods increase your cholesterol which can clog up your heart arteries.

Although these habits are hazardous to health there are health benefits of being a sports fan:

  • Watching sports keeps your brain stimulated
  • You get a boost in the mood if your team wins
  • You enjoy the social support of your fandom
  • Spending time with your family and friends provides you with emotional and mental support


Billions of people all around the world watch World Cup with family and friends.

It provides us with unforgettable happiness and sweet memories. It also helps to develop a strong emotional bond with them.

We all know “Health is Wealth” and to enjoy other games in the future with full happiness and joy we must follow healthy habits.

Not only you, but your health should also enjoy the World Cup!

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