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Better skin at forty years age than at thirties!!!

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Aging is inevitable. When we are in twenties, skin is naturally good looking, so we tend to care less. The damages implicated to the skin at this age at sub cellular level from harmful invisible UV rays, pollution, smoke and stress becomes obvious at later age as dull, dilated pore, brown blotchy, dry, saggy and wrinkled skin.

At thirties we start noticing change in skin texture, colour, and elasticity. Many start skin care routine as showed up in commercials, Social Medias and as per peer suggestions. There are so many myths about skin care. For example; organic, ayurvedic and natural products are harmless; exotic herbs and minerals are better and Korean products are one stop solution. Honestly, there is no magic wand or potion that does it all.

Effective skin care ingredients are limited. Skin care industry plays around these molecules in various combinations and strength and comes up with various attractive looking products years after years.

I have heard many say, “I’ve used high end creams from different brands for so many years, yet! I have problems with my skin”. Is this your story?

Do you feel something is not syncing with your skin routine? Do you have skin issues to deal despite using sunscreen and high end cosmeceuticals?

Effective Skin Care Routine

Just doing skin care is not enough. It has to be done effectively and religiously to bring out noticeable change. In nutshell key ingredients are antioxidant vitamin serum, safe lightening moisturizer, broad spectrum sunscreen, retinoid, peptides and controlled exfoliant. You must be thinking it is not new. I know it and have been doing it. True! But the question is have you done correctly.

What matters is right concentration, combination, consistency, size of particle, stability, quantity, frequency and sequence of application.

For example: Vitamin C or Vitamin E doesn’t work to its optimum potential alone. Combination vitamin always works better. Serum is light weight and have highest concentration of molecules. It gets absorbed and works better than cream. It has to be applied first and twice daily. The higher the concentration of molecule the effective:  is not true, as every molecule has plateau effect after certain concentration. Nuances of skin care is complex and can’t be detailed in this article.

A proper care can repair and protect skin. Skin can look younger at any age by decade with effective regimen. Your skin can look better at forty than at thirties.  Please visit us for your customized skin care.

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