Dr. Sailendra Maharjan, MS, Bhaktapur

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Professional Experience

  • 2019 – Till Date: Orthopedist, Clinic One
  • 2020- Till Date: Consultant.  Korea Nepal Friendship Hospital.
  • 2019 Jan-March   Scholar at Siriraj Hospital Mahidol University Bangkok.
  • 2016AD- to 2018: Orthopedic Consultant Maldives. Ministry of health 
  • 2015AD-2016AD: Pediatric Ortho / Trauma   Hospital and Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children(HRDC). Friends of Disables( FOD ) / B&B Orthopedic Hospital and Trauma Center, Gwarko Lalitpur Nepal
  • During the Earthquake, Emergency Surveillance And Resuscitation (ESAR) Project on mostly affected VDCs in collaboration with District Hospitals.
  • 2014AD-2015AD: Orthopedic Oncology National Cancer Hospital  
  • 2009AD– 2011AD: Medical Officer, Lamjung District Community Hospital. 

Education & Training 

  • Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery (MBBS) 2003 AD-2008 AD
  • MS(Orthopedics) Shandong Medical University PR China 2011 AD-2014 AD 
  • ASEAN and Developing Nation Scholarship 2019    Mahidol University Siriraj Hospital Department of Orthopedics. 

CME and Training

  • 2019 AD Alliance Seminar –Pediatric fracture management   August 18-19 
  • 2010 AD Clinical Management of HIV/AIDS    National Center For AIDS and STD Control. (Government)
  • 2008 AD-2009 AD Internship

Awards and Certifications

  • Certificate of merit by Weifang Medical University in MBBS Program 
  • Certificate of appreciation by NCASC for presentation in “Successful completion of clinical Management of HIV/AIDS 
  • Various social works related to YMBA “Young Men’s Buddhist Associations”
  • Certificate of appreciation by District Health office Dhading Nepal for emergency evacuation works during Nepal Earthquake 


  • Cervical disc replacement with Mobi-C, participations, and activity profiles:   overall quality of life evaluations. Maharjan S, Zhang W, Cheng L, Nei L. Orthopedic Journal of China 2014 AD   Volume 22 13th edition.
  • Mechanisms of anti-inflammatory property of conserved dopamine neurotrophic Factors inhibition of JNK signaling in lipopolysaccharide-induced microglia. Zhao H, Cheng L, Liu Y, Zhang W, Maharjan S, Cui Z, Wang X, Tang D, Nei L J Mol Neurosci 2014feb:52(2):186-92. PMID:24078520{PubMed}
  • CCL20 secretion from the Nucleus pulposus Improves the Recruitment of CCR-6Expressing Th17 Cells to Degenerated IVD Tissues. Zhang W, Nei L, Wang Y, Wang XP, Zhao H, Dongol S, Maharjan S, Cheng L. PloS One 2013 Jun 18;8(6):e66286.print2013 PMID:23823618{PubMed}

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