Age-Related Breast Lumps

Posted on : June 28, 2021 by Clinic One Team on Breast Cancer

Breast is a dynamic structure that undergoes multiple changes throughout a woman’s life. Depending on different age groups, significant variation is noted in the presentation of breast lesions.

Even though 80% of breast lumps are non-cancerous, constant fear of breast cancer is commonly noted in women with a breast lump, breast pain, or discharge from the nipple.

The signs of breast cancer can be diagnosed by a breast ultrasound or a mammogram.


Non-cancerous lump, commonly present in women under 24yrs, especially those undergoing puberty or pregnancy. These are made up of breast gland and connective tissue and are firm, rubbery, freely mobile, and often painless.

These are either left in place with regular follow-up or surgically removed depending on their increasing size and biopsy reports.


Non-cancerous wart-like lumps that grow in the lining of mammary ducts near the nipple. It usually presents with clear or bloody discharge from the nipple. Common in ages 35-55 yrs. It can be removed surgically.

Period related changes

These are seen in many women especially before and during periods which may lead to lumpiness, swelling, painful and tender breast and nipple due to retention of extra fluid.

Pain medications, local ointment advised for this condition along with well-fitted breast support undergarment and reduction of caffeine intake helps overcome this condition.

Fat Necrosis

A non-cancerous condition that occurs when fat tissue has died due to trauma, injury, surgery, or radiation to the breast.

Sometimes, it may become hard due to calcification within and may feel like a cancerous lump. Surgery is not advised as it may lead to further trauma and recurrence.

Fibrocystic Changes

Common in childbearing age especially the 30’s and 40’s caused by fibrosis or cysts in the breast forming a lump. There is no known cause to it but is expected to be linked to monthly hormonal changes.

These are non-cancerous but sometimes if complex cysts are present on ultrasound, then it should be biopsied as it might be a risk to cancer.

Phyllodes Tumor

Phyllodes Tumor

Very rare, representing only 1% of all breast tumors usually in their 40’s. They have a leaf-like pattern and tend to be lobular or lumpy but are not as hard as cancer.

These are mostly non-cancerous but need to be removed as they may grow uncontrollably.

They rarely metastasize but sometimes may change into a cancerous lump that requires lumpectomy or mastectomy.

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Breast Cancer

Generally painless and hard lump. It can occur in both men and women but is more common in women.

It’s rare in women less than 25 years with rising in incidence with increasing age. 1 in 4 women with cancer is diagnosed as breast cancer globally.

All the breast lumps should be evaluated by a doctor regardless of your age.

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