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Clinic One Pharmacy - Complete medication cycle


The Pharmacy department at Clinic One is responsible for the pharmaceutical needs of our patients. Our pharmacy consists of wide range of approved medicines for all kinds of prescriptions. If you need medicine, please buy it on the way out or drop by our clinic. If you need them delivered to you, please call us today at 01-5009233. We do home deliveries.


At Clinic One, we practice GPP (Good Pharmaceutical Practice) to provide our patients with optimal care and evident based consultation. Our first and primary goal is the well-being of our patients and we thrive to improve our clinical and pharmaceutical services more by seeking feedbacks and suggestions from our doctors and patients.

Key Features

  1. We provide FREE HOME DELIVERY SERVICE with up to 12% discount(*conditions applied) for our patients. No extra charges or taxes. Our patients can reach out to us via call during opening hours. This is an extra effort of Clinic One to provide quality services to our patients which saves time and money. Rarely any health care centers come up with this kind of service, thus, we can proudly say that Clinic One’s pharmaceutical services are the best in the region.
  2. We provide our attention to each and every minor details of the patient’s records and prescriptions of the drugs. Our staffs have great communication skills that can easily put any patient at ease.
  3. Wide Ranges and selections of medicines are available in our Pharmacy and if our patients needs are beyond our selections, we can order some stocks for our patients with some extra time given.
  4. Clean and Silent waiting area with comfortable seats.
  5. We are open Sunday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and from 7 am to 11am on Saturdays.
  6. Dust Free, Temperature &Humidity Controlled Pharmacy 
  7. All kinds of Vaccinations are available at our Pharmacy . Check our  Vaccination List.

Steps of Proper Medication

It is very important to maintain proper cycle of medication to patients. Our Pharmacist follows a series of steps while dispensing the medicine/drug to patients.

Step 1: Doctor’s Prescription (Receive and Validate)

As soon as we receive the prescription, first the patient’s information are validated to ensure that the prescription matches the correct patient.


Step 2: Right Medication

The second step is to provide the right medication to patients according to the doctor’s prescription.

  • Making sure that medications are under right temperature.
  • Checking the expiry date of the medicines.
  • Checking if the correct brands are available in stock or not. If not, place an order.


Step 3: Direction of use of Medication

The third step is to inform patients about the direction of use of the prescribed medicines. It includes:

  • The correct time to take the medications(morning/afternoon / night)
  • Frequency of medicine intake
  • Right approach (Empty/Full Stomach, What to eat and what not to eat)

Step 4: Complete Cycle

The last step is to inform the patients about the complete duration of medicine intake according to their diagnosis and doctor’s prescription.