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Dietary consultation in Kathmandu Nepal

सन्तुलित आहारको महत्व : Dietitian प्रतिक डंगोल

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Dengue in kathmandu, treatment symptoms and prevention

डेंगु : लक्षण र बच्ने तरिकाहरु

“ डेंगु रोगको कुनै खास उपचार र खोप हुदैन | तेसैले डेंगु बाट बच्ने एक मात्र उपाय भनेकै लामखुट्टेको टोकाई […]

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आत्महत्या: समाजमा रहेका यस सम्बन्धी भ्रम र यथार्थहरु

Dr. Kenison shrestha Psychiatrist साभार गरिएको : विश्व स्वास्थ्य संगठन (WHO) भ्रम: एकचोटी कसैलाई आत्महत्याको सोच आयो भने, त्यो मान्छेमा […]

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Dr. Pratriva Shrestha skin doctor , skin care in nepal

Better skin at forty years age than at thirties!!!

Aging is inevitable. When we are in twenties, skin is naturally good looking, so we tend to care less. The […]

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sports injury clinic in kathmandu nepal;

Common Sports Injuries that may occur

Sports Injury What is Sports injury? The injuries that occurs while engaging in any sports activity or exercise are called […]

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acne treatment before after image illustration

How to get rid of Pimples and Acne Scars?

 Acne is the most common skin condition in adolescents and young adults whereas pimples are its symptoms.  About 80% of […]

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Dr. Kension Shrestha Best Psychiatrist of Kathmandu Nepal

इन्टरनेटको लत का बेफाइदाहरु : Dr. Kension Shrestha

तपार्इं इन्टरनेटमा धेरै समय भिडियो गेम खेल्नमा बिताउनु हुन्छ ? के तपार्इं बाध्यात्मक हिसाबले अनलाइन सपिङ्ग गर्नु हुन्छ ? के […]

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Full Body checkup in Kathmandu nepal

Whole Body Checkup in Katrhmandu- Why is it necessary?

OVERVIEW In 1948 World Health Organization defined health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not […]

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Vaccination services in Kathmandu , Nepal, brief History of vaccination

A Brief History of Vaccination

Overview “Prevention is better than cure.” One of the most effective process of prevention against certain infectious diseases is through […]

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Nepal's best vaccination center - Vaccination in Friendly Clean Comfortable Environment

वर्षायाममा फ्लु खोप किन?

  बालबालिकालाई बारम्बारको कडा रुघाबाट कसरी बचाउने ? इन्फ्लुएन्जा वा कडा रुघा एक प्रकारको सम्भावित गम्भीर रोग हो जसले कुनै […]

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Nepal's best vaccination center - Vaccination in Friendly Clean Comfortable Environment

Planning to Study Abroad or Travel!! Get Vaccinated

CLINIC ONE (Vaccination Center in Kathmandu) provides all kinds of vaccinations for children and adults including students planning to study […]

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study-abroad vaccinations at kathmandu nepal

Going abroad to Study? Get your Medical Report from Clinic One!

In recent years, the number of Nepalese students applying for abroad study has skyrocketed. The monotonous process of researching about […]

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‘छोरीलाई दाइजो होइन, क्यान्सरबाट जोगाउने एच पी भी भ्याक्सिन दिनुस्

HealthOnline TV ||‘छोरीलाई दाइजो होइन, क्यान्सरबाट जोगाउने एच पी भी भ्याक्सिन दिनुस्’

  Source: Health Online TV : पाठेघरको मुखको क्यान्सर हुने प्रमुख कारण एच पी भी अर्थात् ‘हयुमन प्यापिलोमा भाइरस’ […]

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cervical cancer clinicone vaccination kathmandu

What is Pap Smear Test and Why is it important?

By Soni Kayastha
Registered Nurse

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STD consultation and treatment in Kathmandu Nepal

7 Reasons We All Need To Talk More About STDs

When’s the last time one of your friends told you they had a cold? Or a rash? Or even explosive […]

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Get MMR vaccine in Kathmandu Nepal

Who should Get MMR Vaccine and why?

Do you need an Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine for your children, yourself or your friends in Kathmandu Nepal? […]

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Get Full Body Checkup in Kathmandu Nepal

Reasons why Regular Health Checkups are important!

It’s been like a tradition in our society to visit a doctor only when you are feeling unwell or catch […]

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